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Is it possible to live without music? It can be... But, the truth is that music is very important for people's life. It's music that brings us joy, and that make us remember about some moments of our life.


So today we decided to write a post about a band from the UK, more precisely from Southern England. We really like this band because they have a different style of music, and all the songs are made by them!

I discovered this band when I went to Canterbury 4 years ago, and I just loved it! Luckily I met them again when I returned to Canterbury this year!

We decided to talk to them on the Internet, and they agreed to answer to some questions, so you can get to know them too!                                                                                                        

1 - How can you describe your type of music?
     "I would describe it as Grass Roots Music. It has elements of blues, rock n roll, country and folk. Also grunge, funk and reggae from time to time. Maybe a bit of Patience!💓"

2- What was the most funniest thing that happened to you while you were playing in public?

     "There are to many funny things to mention. I would say off the top of my head... usually kids dancing are pretty funny. They don't have care in the world and get loose in a heartbeat. Some of them take dancing very seriously and it's actually quite amazing sometimes. 😎"

3- What is your advice to people who have dreams like yours but don't know were to start?

    "Start! You have to aim your arrow at the target. Have a strong focus and direction on where you are heading. I think busking is one of the best ways to express yourself artistically. You will also then quickly gain an insight into what people find captivating. Patience is also very important, Persistence & Practice! The three Ps!"

4- When did you became vegan and why?

    "I became vegan roughly 4 years ago. I've never consumed dead animals, be that fish, chicken, happy meals. Never. So it has always been very bizarre and aliens to me as to why people would want to actively cause such obviously capable of complex emotions such as love and fear. Need over greed is my philosophy. In a day where we don't need to, why would we? Especially when we can be just as happy, healthy and strong on a plants."

5- What is your message to the world?

   "My message for the world is... Breathe! And think! And move! And let go! And stop killing animals unnecessarily! Love evolution, for ourselves firstly then we can expand like droplets in ocean, which then become ripples and waves until everyone has united. Expanding our ability to see beyond ones body, and empathise with the spirit soul. ⚡"

6- Which people and things inspire you the most?

   "My family inspires me. Sound inspires me! Light! Watching something grow. Time! There's a lot of unused potential that is just waiting to be found. Yoga inspires me.✨

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We want to thank Rudy Warman for answering these questions and for showing us that there are still enlightened people with super-inspiring ways of thinking in the world.

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  3. Que legal que ele é vegano. Não sou, mas admiro quem consegue ser.


    Anete Oliveira
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    1. Obrigada pelo teu comentário ainda bem que gostaste! Beijinhos

  4. Gostei imenso da entrevista! Adoro o seu pensamento assim como as ideias que transmitiu :)


    1. Ainda bem que gostaste, sim o Rudy tem uma forma de pensar muito bonita!!

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  7. Gostei muito da entrevista. Bom saber que ele é vegano. Eu não sou, mas admiro os veganos.