☀️ Rosegal Summer Wishlist ☀️

With 23 days to finish Summer, you still have time to wear a long maxi dress (click here) from Rosegal (click here). This website is in a summer sale right now, from 33% off.


You can find very cool stuff like the ones that you see on Instagram and Tumblr, but don't find it in any physical store. For example, here in Madeira Island, we can't find some of the stuff that we will show to you now, for acessible prices.

Because no wallet can spend 50$ in a set of makeup brushes,at least not us!!

1. Off the shoulders Blouse

This blouse is so perfect for the end of Summer, begining of Fall. This off the shoulders trend is here to stay for a bit more time because even in the winter collections of 2017 we can find clothes similar to this style.

2. Tassel braided backpack set

Whether it's a walk in the mountains or a visit to the beach, this backpack is an excelent solution to take your stuff anywere. And yes some people can say that black its not a summer color, but each people has is own style.

3. Alloy Fringed Bead Chain Necklace

This necklace it's perfect for the whole year. He is also good for that times that you want to be a litte bit more formal Without exaggerating.The Key is Simplicity.

4. Pair of Simple Style Pure Color Stud Earrings

Simple things again. These earrings are perfect to match with the necklace above. They are cute and Gives you a casual and elegant air at the same time.

5.Mermaid Shape Makeup Brush Set

The famous mermaid style brushes that everyone sees on Instagram but no one finds anywhere. We are in love with them, they are so cool and different.

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